Welcome to Dog Tails!

Get to know the hosts of “Dog Tails: Conversations with the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe” as we introduce you to this brand new podcast for dog owners, lovers and trainers. Sarina Kriechbaum-Young of SKY Dog Training (Graz, Austria) and Harriet Alexander of All Dogs Are Good (Melbourne, Australia) discuss their journeys into the world of dogs and the highs and lows of working with dogs professionally. We’ll introduce you to the PDTE – Pet Dog Trainers of Europe, a global network of dog professionals, and give you a taste of what we have in store for future podcasts.

‘Dog Tails’ is produced by the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe. Our aim is to build a world in which dogs are understood, respected and treated with kindness and empathy. You can help us by sharing this podcast and getting in touch at petdogtrainersofeurope@gmail.com.

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