The Jonas – Canine Education Centre Team

The Jonas – Canine Education Centre Team is formed by two members Jonas Thulin (me) and Gandul Whity.


As far back as I can remember there have been dogs around and some of them, more than others, put a mark in me.

The first was an incredibly beautiful Welsh Corgi named Palle. Palle was the joy of our home. Playful and affectionate like few others and when he left us prematurely it broke my heart. He left us in 1977 and I still miss him.

Then came Fia, a small Beagle girl that gave me the reason to get into the world of dog training and psychology. I then lived in Sweden and there I signed up for puppy classes with the Swedish Working Dog Club (Svenska Brukshundklubben). This was in the year of 1984 and those puppy classes got me hooked. As a result I took an Instructor course and obtained my certificate in 1986. I studied dog psychology at the then Swedish State Dog School (Statens Hundskola) and in 1989 I got the Working Dog Club Certificate as Dog Trainer Teacher.

Jonas Thulin Canine Behaviour Advisor

In 1992 I moved to Spain, which took me away from the world of canine education, but I couldn’t live without a dog by my side, so Luna, a Siberian Husky, came to accompany me. Luna was for many years a fantastic traveling companion who, for example, helped me take care of my children during their first years.

Hercules is a Chihuahua who’s taught me that little ones can also be grand. This guy has a huge personality and I have great respect for him.

And Gandul

A few years ago I joined an animal protection association and little by little I have moved into the canine education game again. At first altruistically and especially organising controlled pack walks for the Happy Galgo association. After some time doing this I came to the conclusion that I should dedicate myself to this professionally and after taking some courses to get new education to catch up, something that never stops, I launched myself into this adventure.


The second and inmensly important member of the Jonas CEC Team is GANDUL WHITY a Spanish Greyhound that was rescued as a young cub. He was then separated from his biological mother, but was fortunate enough to be welcomed into a home, along with a litter brother, by a Greyhound bitch who accepted and helped him in the first months of his life. He lived there until he was four months old and was taught everything he needed to know, that can be taught by a mother. In addition and very importantly he was socialised with other dogs and humans, got to participate in group walks. Besides he was put in various situations where he had to learn to resolve problems.

Due to this he got the foundation for being the dog he is today.

At four months old he came to my family and here, letting him evolve freely and at his own pace, he has become an incredibly mentally strong and secure dog.

Gandul Whity - Dog Therapist

Gandul has fantastic social skills with dogs. He possesses great delicacy and a vocabulary rarely seen and also has an innate ability to help dogs with low self-esteem to get over their insecurity problems.

Gandul is without a doubt the best teacher and professor in canine communication I have ever had and he has become the best companion and partner I could ever wish for.