The Good Dog

My dog is a good dog We hear it a lot. “My dog is a good dog. She doesn’t cause any problems for me and she behaves really well. She is actually very comfortable for me.” But – is she OK? We must bear in mind that health is not the absence of disease. This …

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The dog’s rest

The dog’s rest is essential. Being able to sleep is one of the basic needs that must be met in order to survive. Did you know that we can survive longer with no food than without sleep? How much does the dog sleep? How much a dog sleeps a day depends on what we define …

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Talk to animals?

Hombre con perro

One of the characteristics for the human race is hubris. Evidence of this is that we believe ourselves to be the only species on earth capable of speaking, so why should we talk to animals? Prairie Dogs An example of how wrong we are is if we take a look at the Prairie Dogs. It …

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The stressed dog

Perro Estresado

There is no doubt that the biggest challenge our dogs have to face nowadays is stress and that the most common dog is the stressed dog. We try to give it other names and we are desperately looking for other reasons, but what really kills our dogs is stress. The companion dog is not accompanied. …

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